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April 12th, 2008 by Anshuman Aggarwal


After lots of deliberations and discussions, we decided that we will take a similar (read unusual) approach to HR as we have done with our technology innovations. Head over to the job listings to see the details but here is a summary of our approach:

  •  Be completely work driven. As long as the external commitments are met or exceeded then you’ve done your job (hey, its your life and time, enjoy it, take a vacation…just get the work done to the schedule, be it in your PJs or a business suit)
That’s it. There is a lot more to spiel about employee happiness, work environment and all that but we could go on for hours about it. In any case, most startups have a fairly loose environment, and we’re no different.
We also realized that there is a sufficient mass of talented people who would like to do interesting development work in their time off. We have built the processes and systems to be able to assess, QA and deliver using ad-hoc resources to augment our delivery capability, while keeping the company nimble and light footed. 
Write to us if you’re interested.

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    All the best guys.. keep the blog updated 😀

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    Php developer

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