Brillgen was founded by young whipper snappers with no respect for the way things were done and wanted to make the world a better place. OK, so they really were tired of working for boring ol’ IT and Consulting giants and wanted to make a difference real quick.

Our PR guy says not quite, so here goes again…

Brillgen Solutions was founded by technology managers and research engineers with entrepreneurial thinking and lots of innovative ideas. With strong backgrounds in technology and business, we strive to innovate in all areas so as to create maximum value in any solution that we provide.

Anshuman Aggarwal, CEO

Me, Looking Back
An IIT graduate from the 2001 batch, Anshuman was engaged in designing, managing and delivering multi-million dollar projects to various clients in diverse industries around the globe
His experience based out of California, Washington, London and Delhi and working with Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy and the Financial Services industries has helped him develop a highly flexible, process driven methodology for project execution which he brings to all the engagements he manages.