We look forward to providing consulting services where there is a need for uncompromising quality and delivery capability.

We strongly respect our clients need for confidentiality and privacy and as such are in the process of confirming with them if we can reference them for our work with them.

We are presently engaged with:


We helpedĀ define their mobile responsive internet strategy and continue to supportĀ their online presence on our platform.

In the past, we have contributed to:

Netaquila Medical Transcription
We helped transform their end-user experience by replacing their legacy software with an enhanced web 2.0 solution which was supplemented with advanced searching and online editing capabilities as well as automating their backend business processes.


Our current business delivery capabilities include:

* Business process redesign and technology reinvention
* e-Enabling business with an emphasis on direct cost and efficiency benefits using a practical balance between near term cost and long term benefits.
* Information Technology Lifecycles: design, develop, test and implementations especially in the areas of mobile and web technologies
* Managing large projects with minimum administrative overheads by using a technology leverage.
* Providing innovative solutions to business problems with lower operating costs and immediate quantifiable benefits.

Our current areas of interest for technical work are:

* Web 2.0: Rich Client Experience over the web using a healthy mix of Javascript, AJAX, Flash, Java and other web technologies as needed
* Scalable design and development using modern scalable technology frameworks such as Symfony, Django
* Mobile applications on cutting edge platforms such as the iPhone, Android.

Please contact us if you think we can help.