D02: Frontend UI/UX Engineer

Team: Innovations

Job Description

  • Experience with/has completed multiple mobile responsive web page designs with HTML5, CSS Frameworks and Javascript Libraries
  • Developed complete modern Web 2.0 and Mobile App experiences using Web technologies
  • Loves getting the pixels right and doesn’t let the crazy world of browsers intimidate him
  • Manage and ensure technical solution quality for web/mobile based solutions
  • Always have fun while doing the above!


  • Dropouts preferred, earlier the better 🙂 .
    • Otherwise a BTech/BE/BCA/MCA degree in Computer Science/Engineering couldn’t hurt (much).
  • HTML5/CSS3/Javascript hacking around a must.
    • Start now, if you haven’t done so before you apply!
  • Understanding of Web 2.0 interfaces, frameworks and popular libraries a bonus.
  • Experience in modern web site design preferred.
    • Clean, Functional, Minimalistic!